Top 20 Powerhouse Review Sites to Get Customer and Product Feedback Quickly

The Top 20 Review Sites
Want to know where to get the best customer and product reviews? Here are the top 20 review sites that can help you grow your business.

Are you feeling overwhelmed with the endless options of review websites out there? We know the struggle of trying to navigate through them all.

It’s like trying to find a needle in a haystack.

But don’t worry, we’ve got the research done for you! In this article, we’ll uncover the best sources for a powerful product and customer reviews.

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From GoogleYelp, and Trustpilot to niche platforms like niche-specific forums and TripAdvisor, these powerhouse review sites are guaranteed to give your business the attention it deserves.

1. Google Business Profile (formerly Google My Business)

Review Sites - Google Business Profile
As one of the top 20 review sites, GMB can help you get more online reviews and better visibility on search engines.


Google Business Profile has an impressive reach with over 50 million monthly active users worldwide.

It’s estimated that 97 percent of consumers use the internet to look up local business information and 71 percent trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations.

As such, Google reviews make a powerful tool for small businesses looking to increase their visibility on the web and enhance their reputation in the local community.

The platform also offers powerful analytics tools to track customer engagement with your profile.

Through these tools, you can monitor how often customers view your profile, compare ratings for different locations or services, post reviews, and much more.

Google reviews data allows businesses to better understand their customers’ needs and tailor their services accordingly.

In addition to its impressive reach and analytics capabilities, Google reviews for business provides owners with access to a wide range of promotional opportunities such as sponsored ads in search results, posts on Google Maps, Q&A sections for customers’ questions about products or services offered by your business, special offers for loyal customers, discounts for Google reviews left by customers on your profile page among many other features that are all designed to help increase brand awareness and generate more leads for your business.

  • replyToReviews
    Google Business Profile allows businesses to control their online presence on Google Search and Maps, allowing customers to easily find products or services.
  • replyToReviews
    On Google Search, customers can see existing Google customer reviews and ratings based on customer feedback.
  • replyToReviews
    Google Business Profile offers businesses the opportunity to directly engage with customers through its Q&A feature as customers write reviews on the review platform.
  • replyToReviews
    Businesses are able to access analytics about online customer reviews and ratings over time, tracking trends in customer sentiment.
Review Sites - Bing Places for Business
Bing Places for Business is one of the top review sites for customer and product reviews offering businesses a powerful platform to respond to online reviews and help with reputation management.


Bing Places for Business is powered by Microsoft’s Bing search engine, and offers the highest quality customer reviews, ratings, comments, photos, and videos.

Businesses can access their Bing Places dashboard to view online customer reviews in real-time and monitor their performance status with detailed metrics.

Customers can also easily discover businesses on Bing Maps with intuitive map search capabilities and write reviews through an easy-to-use mobile app.

  • replyToReviews
    Bing provides reliable and objective customer reviews due to its ability to source them directly from real users.
  • replyToReviews
    It offers a variety of features that make it easy to access, search, and compare online business reviews from customers in their area or around the world.
  • replyToReviews
    Bing is continually updating its review platform with new tools and features, giving customers the most up-to-date information before making purchase decisions.
Review Sites - Yelp
Discover why Yelp is considered one of the top 20 review sites for customers and product reviews. Get helpful insights from real people and make informed decisions today!


Yelp is the world’s largest local online review site, with over 178 million reviews and 42 million unique monthly visitors every month, Yelp is a popular go-to resource when searching for local businesses or services.

It is an online business directory and customer review website, launched in 2004. It has become one of the top ranking online review site to search for local businesses, restaurants and services with user reviews and ratings.

Overall, Yelp is one of the most popular customer review websites due its ease of use and availability of relevant information that helps customers make informed decisions when selecting a business or service provider. In addition to being beneficial for potential customers to read more reviews, it also benefits local businesses by allowing them to showcase their products and services while gathering helpful feedback from both positive reviews and negative reviews from existing customers that can improve their operations in the future.

  • replyToReviews
    Yelp provides a platform for businesses to build trust and credibility with potential customers, while also providing them valuable insights into customer satisfaction.
  • replyToReviews
    Yelp offers an easy way to find reliable information about local services from people who have actually visited them, using automated software to detect suspicious behavior and removing fake or malicious reviews.
  • replyToReviews
    Comprehensive search capabilities on Yelp allow users to quickly find what they need, with filters including price range, ratings & reviews, distance from user’s location & business hours.
Review Sites - Foursquare
Find out why Foursquare is one of the top 20 powerhouse review sites for customers and product reviews. Get all the info you need to make informed decisions.


Foursquare is a leading customer review website that provides users with an in-depth look at businesses and attractions around the world. It offers more reviews from customers alongside details about the location such as address, phone number, opening hours, and even photos. With easy-to-use search tools and interactive maps, Foursquare makes it simple to find information about businesses quickly as well as make informed decisions.

In short, Foursquare’s comprehensive review platform makes it easy for customers to share either positive reviews and negative reviews while connecting them with businesses across the globe. This level of integration has helped make Foursquare one of the top customer review websites in the industry today.

  • replyToReviews
    Foursquare provides users with detailed, accurate reviews from a diverse range of perspectives.
  • replyToReviews
    It verifies reviewer identities and employs a rigorous moderation process for accuracy.
  • replyToReviews
    The platform offers user-friendly navigation and searchable categories for hundreds of topics.
  • replyToReviews
    Offers helpful features such as “Explore” which allows users to explore different attractions in their area based on certain criteria like price point or type of activity; “Save” which stores favorite places; “Places I’ve Been” which keeps track of all visited locations; as well as badges that can be earned by visiting different places.

5. Angi (formerly Angie's List)

Review Sites - Angi
Angi is one of the top 20 powerhouse review sites for customer and product reviews. Get honest, reliable feedback from verified customers today!


Angi enables users to find the best quality service providers in their area and make well-informed decisions when selecting a business to work with.

Consumers have access to over 8 million online business reviews that have been written by real customers who have used the services of the businesses they are reviewing.

Additionally, Angi allows businesses to boost reputation management by showcasing their profile page and highlight testimonials, photographs, and other relevant information which helps them collect reviews and build trust with potential customers.

Angi is a review site that also offers price comparison tools, special discounts, and more features that help both consumers and businesses make smarter decisions.

  • replyToReviews
    What sets Angi apart from other customer review websites is its commitment to providing reliable and informative content.
  • replyToReviews
    It leverages decades of experience in the home services industry combined with data-driven algorithms to ensure accuracy and quality for every rating.
  • replyToReviews
    The reviews on Angi are extensively moderated, undergoing a multi-level process that includes automated AI filters, manual moderation, and post-publication monitoring.
  • replyToReviews
    It has earned multiple awards for its commitment to providing verifiable ratings such as Top Rated Local Awards (TRLA) since 2016 and inclusion in CNET’s list of top customer review websites for 2020.
  • replyToReviews
    Angi provides helpful features like an online booking system, chatbot, rewards program, video review, and photo upload feature to make it one of the top business review websites out there.
Review Sites - Tripadvisor
TripAdvisor is one of the top 20 powerhouse review sites for customers and product reviews. Get the inside scoop on restaurants, hotels, and more!


With over 800 million reviews covering 6.5 million accommodations, airlines, attractions and restaurants, TripAdvisor is a review site with the most trusted source to find customer reviews online.

It is considered one of the top business review websites as it allows users to compare prices at various sites, book reservations online, leave reviews, and post questions or comments on discussion boards.

This makes it easy for travelers to get reliable information on destinations before they commit to a trip.

  • replyToReviews
    Uses AI algorithms and fraud prevention measures to ensure reviews posted are genuine.
  • replyToReviews
    Offers powerful search filters, detailed map views, personalization options and instant booking capabilities.
  • replyToReviews
    Built with an interactive user forum so travelers can connect with each other, ask questions and share tips.
Review Sites -
YellowPages is one of the top 20 powerhouse review sites for customer and product reviews. Get honest, unbiased feedback from real people who have used the products and services.


Yellow Pages is a review site designed to connect customers with the most reliable and trustworthy local businesses in their area.

With its vast database, users can easily find what they are looking for by searching through the business listings and categories such as local business names, locations, phone numbers, and more.

Reviews from customers help to inform users on the quality and service provided by businesses, allowing them to make more informed decisions when selecting a company.

Additionally, Yellow Pages offers detailed information on different products and services so shoppers can read more reviews and compare options before making a purchase.

Furthermore, it is considered one of the top review sites as it allows businesses to boost online reputation, promote their offerings on the website, enhance business page, drive traffic to their stores or websites, and increase brand awareness. All in all, Yellow Pages is a comprehensive resource that helps customers find the best services while also providing valuable promotional opportunities for any business owner to promote customer loyalty.

  • replyToReviewsComprehensive and regularly updated database of customer reviews from around the world.
  • replyToReviewsEasy-to-use interface allows customers to quickly compare different businesses based on ratings and feedback.
  • replyToReviewsAdvanced search engine enables users to filter searches by location, product category, and more.
  • replyToReviewsAdditional features such as photos and videos of customers’ experience with a business and an extensive FAQ section on this business review website.
Review Sites - HomeAdvisor
HomeAdvisor is one of the top 20 powerhouse review sites for customer and product reviews. Find reliable sources from roofing to flooring, get connected to qualified professionals today!


HomeAdvisor’s mission is to provide customers with a comprehensive platform for finding, researching, comparing and connecting with quality professionals to help them make informed decisions about their home projects.

The website offers more than 10 million verified reviews, which are constantly updated and verified by HomeAdvisor’s team of experts.

For homeowners who feel overwhelmed by their home projects or need some extra guidance from an experienced professional, HomeAdvisor can provide the advice and insight needed to get things done right the first time around.

All in all, HomeAdvisor is considered one of the top review sites as it is a top choice for homeowners looking for easy-to-use online review sites that give them accurate information about the best products and services available in their area.

  • replyToReviewsHomeAdvisor provides real-time price quotes so that customers can easily compare costs before they commit to a service or purchase.
  • replyToReviewsHomeAdvisor conducts extensive background checks on all businesses listed on its website, ensuring no spam reviews and only reputable professionals are featured. This ensures customers to browse reviews that are genuine and trustworthy allowing them to make informed decisions about which businesses to hire.
Review Sites - Open Table
OpenTable is one of the premier review sites platform is packed to the brim with features to help you discover and savor the best local eats around.


OpenTable is one of the top customer review sites, offering users a variety of features to help them find and review local restaurants and eateries.

The user-friendly platform provides customers with an easy way to search for restaurants in their area based on their personal preferences, such as cuisine type or price range.

Once they have found an establishment they are interested in, OpenTable allows customers to book directly from the website or mobile app.

Each restaurant listing also includes more reviews and ratings from previous customers so that future visitors can get an idea of how good a restaurant may be.

  • replyToReviewsOffers more rewards programs for members who regularly use the service to book and review dining experience unlike other business review websites.
  • replyToReviewsIt offers a variety of reviews from other diners, providing an overall overview of the restaurant before booking.
  • replyToReviewsOpenTable is committed to customer service, providing contact information and FAQs to resolve issues quickly.
Review Sites - Yellowbot
Find out what other customers have to say about businesses you're interested in with Yellowbot - one of the top customer review sites. Get real reviews from real people!


Yellowbot offers in-depth analysis of customers online feedback to help businesses improve their services and offerings. With its comprehensive service offering and personalized approach to customer satisfaction.

It is one of the largest online review sites, with over 10 million active positive reviews and ratings on more than two million different businesses.

Yellowbot provides customers with access to all the relevant information they need before making a purchase, such as customer reviews, ratings, photos and videos from real people, and insights from experts.

  • replyToReviewsOffers tools such as competitor comparison and news feed which help users make informed decisions.
  • replyToReviewsThe rating system makes it easy for customers to find out what other people think about a particular product/service. Additionally, a business can also respond directly to customer online reviews on their page in order to improve their online reputation.
  • replyToReviewsCustomers can contact business owners directly with Yellowbot’s messaging service. This makes it easier to find the right product or service without needing multiple websites or advice from friends and family.
Review Sites - TrustRadius
TrustRadius is one of the leading customer review website, helping people find the best product or service to fit their needs.


With a database of over 500,000 user reviews, TrustRadius provides comprehensive coverage of products and services in over 50 different categories.

As the world’s most trusted source for B2B technology user reviews, it is considered one of the top review sites as it gives customers the insights they need to make informed purchasing decisions. With an extensive database of verified users’ online reviews, research insights, and helpful resources, it’s no surprise why TrustRadius is the top choice for customers looking for trustworthy guidance in the Software-as-a-Service space.

  • replyToReviewsBuilt with advanced search tool allows users to quickly find relevant reviews based on specific criteria.
  • replyToReviewsOffers a library of over 945,000 product reviews across 330 categories provides a wealth of data for customers.
  • replyToReviewsReviews are written by verified users with firsthand experience, ensuring no fake reviews, only accurate and reliable ratings.
Review Sites - Etsy
Discover why Etsy is one of the top customer review sites! Get an unbiased look at product reviews, ratings, and more.


Etsy is one of the most popular online marketplaces for handmade and vintage goods offering a wide selection of unique products from over 1.7 million sellers.

It has become a top customer review sites due to its commitment to quality, variety, and excellent customer service.

The site features millions of items in categories such as clothing, accessories, home décor, art & collectibles, jewelry, toys & games, craft supplies and more.

In addition to its vast selection of items, Etsy is highly focused on providing excellent customer service. All orders are carefully monitored and tracked by the company’s experienced staff so that buyers can rest assured that their purchases will arrive safely and within the specified timeframe. Sellers are also held accountable for their products as each item must meet Etsy’s strict guidelines before being listed on the platform.

  • replyToReviewsReviews are highly trusted due to strict standards for seller accounts and accuracy checks for reviews.
  • replyToReviewsExcellent customer service policies are in place to ensure customers have a positive experience, including live chat support, an A-Z guarantee and a resolution center for disputes.
Review Sites - Merchant Circle
MerchantCircle is the go-to review site for finding top quality services and products. Connect with merchants, businesses and customers today!


MerchantCircle is an online directory that connects customers with local merchants.

It has millions of businesses listed, from large, established companies to neighborhood mom-and-pop stores.

MerchantCircle not only allows you to search for local businesses, but also provides both positive reviews and negative reviews and ratings for each business.

This makes it one of the top review sites and perfect resource for finding top quality services and products.

  • replyToReviewsEasy-to-use platform that connects consumers with high-quality local businesses.
  • replyToReviewsMerchants benefit from referrals, analytics, and positive online reviews.
  • replyToReviewsSecurity measures ensure accuracy of reviews and advanced search capabilities make finding relevant information easier.
Amazon Customer Reviews
As one of the best review sites out there, Amazon's mission is to help your customers find the information you need without any hassle.


With over 200 million verified customer reviews, Amazon is considered one of the top business review websites as it provides a wealth of information so customers can make well-informed decisions on their purchases.

It is built with a sophisticated ranking system that pays attention to all customer reviews given on their website.

It is considered one of the top review sites as its rating system ensures that only relevant customer reviews are displayed on each product page as well as providing useful insights into what consumers think of an item before buying it.

  • replyToReviewsUser-friendly interface enables customers to quickly find the reviews they need without having to search multiple websites.
  • replyToReviewsHelpful tools such as rating systems, sorting options, and advanced search filters available for easier navigation.
  • replyToReviewsBoth verified and unverified customer reviews are provided; inappropriate online reviews can be reported for removal from the system.
Review Sites - G2 Crowd
G2 Crowd is one of the best review sites for customers who value their privacy. Learn about the strong commitment G2 Crowd offers and start reading reviews today.


Covering over 500 product categories, including software, services, hardware, and more, G2 Crowd is one of the top customer review websites in the world due to its extensive review database and transparent process.

It is considered one of the top online review sites as it is known for its strong commitment to privacy and security as all reviews are anonymous with no identifying data being collected or shared with third-parties. As a result of its rigorous ranking system, detailed analysis capabilities, privacy measures and excellent customer service, G2 Crowd continues to be one of the trusted customer review sites worldwide looking for more reviews and accurate product comparisons and customer online reviews.

  • replyToReviews
    Provides comprehensive, unbiased product reviews and customer reviews with thorough analysis and easy-to-navigate interface.
  • replyToReviews
    It has rigorous quality assurance standards to ensure accuracy in customer online reviews and user feedback.
  • replyToReviews
    Compared to other review websites, G2 Crowd offers more comprehensive results such as “Product Report Cards” and ratings in specific categories.
Review Sites - Trustpilot
Trustpilot is one of the best review sites for businesses of any size. Collect authentic customer feedback and reviews to boost your business's reputation and success!


Trustpilot is an industry leader in customer review authenticity, with verifiable data required on all reviews.

The website has been helping customers make informed decisions since 2007 and enjoys more than 60 million reviews from over 90 countries. It helps companies build strong relationships with their customers while simultaneously helping them improve their product offerings and services.

It is considered one of the top online review sites as it allows businesses to collect customer online reviews from customers and interact with them in a meaningful way as it provides an open platform where customers can share their honest opinions in a safe and secure environment, helping businesses gain meaningful insights into their customer experience.

  • replyToReviewsIt has a global network of over 100 million consumer reviewers across over 190 countries.
  • replyToReviewsIts free platform enables businesses of any size to collect and respond to customer feedback quickly and easily. Companies can respond to customer online reviews in real time on the same page, providing customers with timely responses.
  • replyToReviewsIt offers a safe and secure environment for customers to share their opinions. Customers’ honest feedback helps businesses gain valuable insights into customer experience.
Review Sites - Capterra
Capterra is one of the best review sites to find the perfect software for your business. Get expert advice and save time researching the best software solutions for entrepreneurs.


Capterra is an online marketplace offering extensive and up-to-date information on over 700,000 software products for business software, offering more reviews, comparisons and other resources to help people find the best software for their needs.

Capterra is considered one of the top review sites as it does not have any affiliation with any one software provider or any commission arrangement with them. This makes it an authoritative source that can provide objective opinions about different kinds of software products. Visitors can view detailed product information with side-by-side comparisons to make an informed decision on which solution suits them best.

  • replyToReviewsAssists aspiring entrepreneurs and business owners in finding the right software solution.
  • replyToReviewsProvides access to reports on technology purchasing decisions as well as whitepapers on digital transformation.
  • replyToReviewsCustomers gain insight into how technology is being utilized in different industries, thus supporting better decision making on Capterra’s platform.
Review Sites - Thumbtack
Thumbtack is one of the best review sites that enables users to find, hire, and read reviews of local professionals for any job.


Thumbtack is a customer review site that enables customers to find and hire local professionals for nearly any job.

Customers can read customer online reviews and ratings from previous customers, compare multiple quotes from local professionals, and pick the one that best fits their needs.

It also provides access to professional ratings, background checks on certain services, and even insurance coverage should anything go wrong with your project or service provider. All this makes Thumbtack one of the most popular customer review sites available today.

  • replyToReviewsThumbtack has the highest customer satisfaction rating of any review site at over 90%, with customers leaving positive review and recommending it to friends/families.
  • replyToReviewsFake reviews are filtered out by strict guidelines and robust algorithm.
  • replyToReviewsCustomers can easily leave reviews and compare vendors for a comprehensive overview of service options.
Review Sites is one of the best review sites and the ultimate online community for discovering all the best businesses, services, and happenings in your area.

Overview is one of the top review websites offering an online community designed to help make discovering local businesses, services and events easier for users. It also partners with reliable third-party review sites such as Yelp, TripAdvisor and Angie’s List in order to provide even more comprehensive reviews from experienced customers.

  • replyToReviews
    Any business owner can take ownership of store listings on with “Claim Your Business”
  • replyToReviews
    “Promote Your Business” offers targeted marketing strategy like ads, coupons and digital media.
  • replyToReviews
    “Grow Your Reach” helps businesses to connect with new customers.
  • replyToReviews
    “Manage Your Reputation” provides access to analytics data so they can better respond to customer online reviews.
Review Sites - Goodfirms
GoodFirms is one of the best review sites as it provides an unbiased assessment of your company from a completely impartial third-party source.


Founded in 2017, GoodFirms has quickly become one of the top review sites and most trusted sources for potential buyers to get reliable information and make informed decisions.

GoodFirms’ goal is to keep businesses and customers on the same page when it comes to product evaluations and customer online reviews. To achieve this, GoodFirms uses a rigorous research process to vet businesses by verifying their credentials, experience, industry recognition, portfolio items, market presence, and client feedback. Once approved, these businesses are featured on GoodFirms’ list of Top Service Providers for potential customers to review.

  • replyToReviewsAllows businesses to receive an independent assessment from an objective third-party source.
  • replyToReviewsHouses a vast database of customer online reviews from over 30 countries, providing objective overviews of other people’s experiences.
  • replyToReviewsFeatures dedicated help desk staff to answer any questions customers may have and offers a money-back guarantee if customers are unsatisfied with their purchase.

Final thoughts

This extensive list of review sites offer unparalleled insights into your products and services. Whether you’re in tech, retail, hospitality, or any other industry, there’s bound to be a review site that’s perfect for you.

Why are these review sites so valuable? For starters, they offer honest and accurate online reviews from real customers, giving you a keen understanding of what people are saying about your brand.

Customer reviews can be used to not only improve your offerings, but also to promote them more effectively and encourage other customers to also write reviews. With the right marketing strategy, you can use these online reviews to boost brand awareness and reach entirely new audiences.

With these best online review sites, you’ll be able to make informed decisions that will help take your business to the next level. Most of all, each of these best online review sites are easy to use and incredibly user-friendly. Simply create an account, collect customer reviews, and watch as your business grows and thrives.

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