How to Respond to Reviews on Etsy: The Complete Seller's Guide to Handling Customer Reviews

How to Respond to Reviews on Etsy
Learn how to handle customer reviews as seller on Etsy. With this guide, we'll help you deal with bad reviews, and turn them into positive Etsy reviews!
With so many online review websites popping up every day and with 4,213,201 reviews on ConsumerAffairs are being verified, it can feel overwhelming to keep all your customer feedback in order!
It is essential for sellers on Etsy to respond to reviews in order to maintain a positive customer experience and increase their chances of success on the platform.

Responding to reviews also helps customers feel valued and respected, which can lead to more sales in the long run.

However, responding to reviews, especially to bad reviews can be difficult and time-consuming.

That’s why our Etsy seller’s guide was tailored to clarify how to take control over customer reviews.

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Does It Matter If You Get A Negative Review on Etsy
No matter how good your business is, you're going to get negative reviews from time to time. Here's how to deal with them and improve your Etsy seller rating.

Have you ever wondered about how bad reviews affect your Etsy shop? 

It’s a common concern among sellers, but don’t worry, we’ve got you covered!

Let’s delve into the world of Etsy reviews and learn how to turn bad reviews around into positive ones.

After all, a few bad reviews shouldn’t define your entire shop!

Understanding why a customer may have left a negative review is one way we can use that knowledge as sellers to better serve our customers and improve their overall experience with our shop.  

Let’s break down some popular reasons why customers leave negative feedback on Etsy so that you can take steps towards preventing having more bad reviews in the future!

The item wasn’t as described in the listing.

This is the most common reason for leaving a negative review on Etsy.

If an item isn’t as described, it’s not what the customer wanted and they’ll be disappointed.

How can you improve?

Make sure that your listings are accurate and include all relevant information so that customers know what they’re getting.

The item arrived damaged.

If an item arrives damaged, it’s a huge disappointment and can ruin the customer’s whole experience.

How can you improve?

Make sure to pack items securely and use appropriate shipping materials to avoid damage in transit.

The customer had a bad experience with the seller.

If a customer has a bad experience with the seller, it will reflect in their negative review.

How can you improve? Make sure to be polite and responsive to customers so that they have a positive experience with you. Check out our templates for negative review responses!
More tips on how bad reviews on Etsy be avoided in the future
Learn how to avoid a negative review and protect your business with our tips.

Take a look at your shop policies

One more step to avoiding a negative review is to take a look at your shop policies.

Every star seller on Etsy, needs to make sure that you are clear about your shipping times, return policy, and any other important information that Etsy buyers might need to know.

By being upfront about your policies, you can avoid any misunderstandings that might lead to negative review.

Respond quickly to buyer inquiries

Another way to avoid a negative review is to respond quickly to buyer inquiries.

If a buyer has a question about an item, make sure to answer it as soon as possible.

By responding quickly, Etsy sellers can show buyers that you are attentive and helpful, which can lead to positive feedback.

Ship items promptly

Finally, one of the best ways to avoid a negative review is to verify shipping information carefully ship items promptly.

Buyers want to receive their items as soon as possible, so make sure to ship them out as soon as you can.

If there is a delay in shipping, be sure to communicate this to the buyer so they are not left in the dark.

With these tips, you can position yourself for success by turning negative feedback into constructive experiences that help your business grow.

Remember: there are no ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ answers to negative feedback, yet every response has the ability to move your business in the desired direction.

Did you know that you can help maintain the integrity of the platform community by reporting any bad review on Etsy that may not follow their policies?

Simply follow these steps:

  1. Head over to your Shop Manager.
  2. Select your shop name under Sales Channels.
  3. Scroll down to your Reviews section.
  4. If you think that a review violates Etsy’s policies, click the “Report” button beside it.
respond to bad reviews on Etsy - privately or publicly
Do you know how to publicly respond to negative feedback on Etsy? Are you unsure if you should respond privately before posting a public response? Read this guide from ReplyToReviews and find out!

In this post we will lay out everything you need to know about handling customer reviews on Etsy like a pro; from responding appropriately and promptly to understanding which review should get priority attention, right strategy and smart execution, it’s possible to ensure positive experiences are highlighted and negative ones minimized—all while boosting your business’ reputation in the process.

Read on for our Etsy seller’s guide to taking charge of a bad review!

Having a negative review doesn’t have to be all bad news! 

Every bad review on Etsy is an opportunity to show off what makes you special as a shop – including how you interact with customers.

Together, let’s figure out the best ways to consider when responding privately and with grace when faced with a less than stellar review or simply a bad review on Etsy.

Responding Privately to Negative Reviews, the Right Way
No one likes getting negative reviews, but it's important to know how to handle them the right way.
ReplyToReviews - The Best Way to Respond to Etsy Reviews
The first step is to acknowledge the reviewer’s feelings. Buyers who leave bad reviews are often upset because their expectations weren’t met—remain professional, acknowledge that and apologize for not meeting those expectations. Your response should be genuine and show that you care about their experience with your brand or product. Don’t just say “sorry,” provide a solution as well.

You can offer them a discount on their next transaction or even a refund if necessary to compensate for the bad review and experience.

Then make sure to provide buyers with all the information they need in order to take advantage of what you are offering.

ReplyToReviews - The Best Way to Respond to Etsy Reviews
ReplyToReviews - The Best Way to Respond to Etsy Reviews

In addition to providing something of value to your buyers, offer up some suggestions for how they can get better results from your product or service going forward.

This helps build trust between both parties and makes them feel like they have been heard by you as the seller.
Taking this extra step shows that you genuinely care about their experience with your business, which helps foster loyalty down the line.

Finally, don’t forget to thank them for taking the time out of their day to provide feedback on their experience with your business (regardless if it is a bad review!)

A simple response like “thank you” goes a long way in showing them that you appreciate their input and want them as a loyal customer for years to come!

ReplyToReviews - The Best Way to Respond to Etsy Reviews


Did you know that once you respond publicly to a bad review on Etsy, buyers can’t change their original review?

If you’re not satisfied with the review, you can try messaging the customer directly to see if they’re willing to revise it.

Don’t let a negative review get you down – with this free template on how to respond to negative reviews, you can privately respond to unhappy customers to turn things around and keep them coming back for more!

Dear [CustomerName],

First and foremost, I apologize for not living up to your expectations with our product. We take customer feedback very seriously, and we understand that it can be frustrating when expectations aren’t met. We are sorry for any disappointment this may have caused.

We would like to make it up to you by offering a discount on your next purchase with us so that you can have a better experience. As an apology, we will give you a 10% discount on any item when you check out. To take advantage of this offer, please enter the coupon code “SPECIAL10” at checkout. Additionally, if you are still unsatisfied with your purchase in our Etsy shop, we would be more than happy to provide you with a full refund. Please contact us via email if that is what you’d prefer instead of a discount.

We understand how important customer satisfaction is and we want to ensure that every customer has an enjoyable shopping experience with us. Thank you for taking the time to leave your review; your feedback is immensely valuable to us as it helps us improve our product and services even further.


[Your Name]

Try our AI-generated response tool for free and start responding to Etsy reviews with ease.

  1. Navigate on “Shop Manager” on
  2. Select the “Orders & Shipping” tab.
  3. Locate the order associated with the review in question.
  4. Click on the mail icon to open a message box.
  5. Compose an informative, detailed response with pertinent facts and information that will help address any customer concerns or questions that led to a negative review.
  6. When you are satisfied with your message, select “Send”.
How to respond publicly to negative reviews as a seller on Etsy
It's important to know how to respond to customer reviews. Learn how to handle negative feedback and respond publicly with this guide.

Let’s say things didn’t work out well when you reached out privately to a buyer and you’re not sure what to do next?

You can respond to the bad review publicly if you need to.

Just remember, you have 100 days to do so from the date of the customer’s last edit on the Etsy review.

You only get one shot at responding, so make it count!

Keep in mind that whatever you say will be seen by other shoppers in the Reviews section of your listing and Shop Reviews page.

And once you respond, the buyer won’t be able to edit their original review, even if you delete your response so use your words wisely.

It’s important to know how to respond to reviews on Etsy publicly in a professional and courteous manner. Here’s how you can do it:

  1. Go to and open “Shop Manager”.
  2. Select the name of your shop from the Sales Channels list.
  3. “Go to Reviews”.
  4. Find the bad review you are looking for and select “Post a public response”.
How to write a good response to negative Etsy reviews
Negative feedback can be discouraging, but with a little bit of know-how, you can turn them around and make your customers happy.
  • replyToReviews Provide a response to the Etsy review in a positive and professional manner that reflects well on your shop, customer service, and product/service. Include factual details and relevant information but do not include tracking numbers, external links, private information.
  • replyToReviews Use a more sophisticated level of language with facts, details.​
  • replyToReviewsAddress the specific concerns from the review and any changes made as a result.
  • replyToReviewsFocus on your product/service rather than on the reviewer.
  • replyToReviewsEnsure your response adheres to all applicable Etsy review policies.

Taking the time to craft effective, polite responses not only helps build your relationships with customers but can also repair any potential missteps in service.

Whether you provide additional instructions, offer a refund, or thank the customer for taking the time to leave feedback, proper communication can help turn unhappy customers into satisfied customers and keep your shop open for business.

From getting ahead of negative Etsy review to responding in an appropriate manner, there are many things to consider when dealing with customer feedback.

When it comes down to it, communication is key—make sure each review you respond to counts and further emphasizes your commitment to excellent customer service.

Don’t let negative reviews on Etsy hurt your sales – let our AI-generated responses help turn the situation around.

It’s important to understand how Etsy classifies its policies to ensure that you stay compliant with all their rules and regulations.

After all, nobody wants their store suspended! Let’s explore exactly what it means when Etsy talks about “policy breakdown” and why knowing this information is so essential for online Etsy sellers.

So if you want to understand every detail of how policy works on any Etsy review––and master your compliance game on the platform––this is definitely a read worth your time!

replyToReviewsBuyers can leave reviews, including a one to five star rating and a photograph or video within 100 days of their item’s estimated delivery date.
replyToReviewsReviews, especially a bad review as well any responses to them, must adhere to Etsy’s Content Creation Guidelines and not contain graphic, mature, obscene language or imagery.
replyToReviewsPosting a bad review must be about the seller and their products, not outside factors such as shipping carriers or third parties.
replyToReviewsShilling or otherwise falsely inflating a shop’s review score is prohibited.
How to Leverage Positive Reviews as a Seller on Esty
It's important to tell customers how to leave a review on Etsy. Learn how to leverage positive Etsy reviews for your business with this helpful guide.

Future buyers often look at reviews and ratings as a reflection of the product being sold.

With this in mind, it’s essential that every seller on Etsy leverages their positive reviews as an effective marketing tool for both existing and future customers.

When you get a positive Etsy review, share it on social media.

Make sure to tag the customer when you post reviews in social media, and include a link to their review.

This is a great way to show potential customers that you’re a seller on Etsy who cares about customer satisfaction.

Use positive reviews as social proof in your Etsy shop.

Include a section in your shop called “Customer Reviews” and showcase some of your best reviews.

This will help build trust with potential customers and show them that you’re a seller who delivers on their promises.

Get creative.

For example, you could create a collage of positive review examples and post it in your Etsy shop, or use quotes from positive reviews in your social media posts.

There are endless possibilities! The important thing is to show future buyers that you’re an Etsy seller who cares about customer satisfaction.

Maximize your Etsy rating with AI-generated responses that ensure customer satisfaction and positive reviews.

How to write a good response to positive Etsy reviews
It's important to know how to respond to positive Etsy reviews. Learn the best way to thank your customers and show them that you appreciate their business.

Thank the buyer for their kind words.

It always feels good to receive positive feedback, so be sure to thank the buyer for their kind words.

A simple “Thank you for your positive review!” is not enough. Check out our Top 20 Positive Review Response Templates for some inspiration on how to best reply.

Share how you feel about the transaction.

In addition to thanking the buyer, it’s also a good idea to share how you feel about the transaction.

  • Was it a smooth transaction?
  • Did the buyer communicate well?

Let them know that you’re happy with how everything went.

Offer some words of encouragement.

Finally, offer some words of encouragement. If the buyer is a new Etsy user, let them know that you’re glad they had a good experience and encourage them to keep shopping on Etsy!

Writing a good response to any review can be surprisingly tricky, but don’t worry—we have a free template on how to respond to positive review examples that will show you exactly how to do it!

Dear [CustomerName],

Thank you so much for your kind words! We’re so glad to hear that you had a wonderful experience with our shop.

We strive to make sure that every transaction goes as smoothly as possible, and it’s great to know that we achieved that with you.

Welcome to the Etsy community and we hope you have a great time shopping here! Our shop is full of amazing items and we’d love for you to check them out.

Feel free to reach out if there’s anything else we can help with or answer any questions you may have. Thank you again for your positive review – it means a lot!


[Your Name]

Say goodbye to time-consuming review responses – let our AI-generated responses handle them for you.

1. Copy and paste the Esty review on the “Customer Review” box.
ReplyToReviews - The Best Way to Respond to Customer Reviews
2. Enter the Company/Product Name, Reviewer’s Name, and Star Rating from Reviewer.
Respond to Reviews on Etsy
3. Select your preferred Tone of Voice from the dropdown menu.
Etsy Reviews
4. Choose the number of response options then click “Generate”.
ReplyToReviews - The Best Way to Respond to Customer Reviews
5. Pick from the results then copy and paste your preferred response.
ReplyToReviews - The Best Way to Respond to Customer Reviews

With our help, you’ll be the shining star of Etsy reviews and attract new customers with ease!


Etsy reserves the right to remove any reviews that are deemed to be inappropriate, offensive or harassing language, or violate any of the Etsy’s policies.

Generally speaking, Etsy reviews should be focused on the experience of buying and selling items rather than providing detailed product reviews.

Per Etsy policy, they may also remove reviews that contain confidential or private information, as well as those that do not comply with their Terms of Use. Reviews can also be removed if there is evidence of fraud or other illegal activities.

If Etsy sellers received an inappropriate, offensive or fraudulent review, they should contact Etsy immediately to have it removed.

Etsy is generally unable to remove a review if it does not violate Etsy’s policies or terms of use.

Reviews should be genuine reflections of a customer’s experience, and as such, Etsy will not remove reviews simply because they are negative.

Furthermore, Etsy also cannot remove shop reviews based on personal attacks, offensive language, or inappropriate content. If the review is found to contain false information or any other violations of Etsy’s policies, then the review may be considered for removal.

No, the reviewer will not be notified that you reported their review. Etsy support has a system of reviewing shop reviews in order to make sure they are fair and accurate.

Once you submit a report on an Etsy review, it is sent to Etsy’s team for further investigation and vetting. Your identity will remain anonymous throughout this process.

Additionally, the reviewer in question will never receive any notification about your report or any other details relating to it.

Yes, you can report a review more than once if you believe it to be in violation of Etsy’s policies.

Additionally, if the review contains inappropriate or harassing language, harassment or hate speech, please flag it as soon as possible and report it to Etsy.

Once reported, the Etsy team will investigate and take appropriate action depending on the severity of the issue.

Yes, you can flag reviews on Etsy that may infringe on your small business intellectual property.

To do this, go to the listing page for the item in question and select “Report a Problem” from the drop-down menu next to the review. You will then be prompted to provide more information about why you believe the review violates your intellectual property rights.

This can include providing details such as how the review includes text or images that were used without permission or an explanation of how it infringes on your copyright, trademark, patent, or other proprietary rights. Once you have completed this process, Etsy will investigate your claim and take appropriate action if necessary.

Get ahead of the competition on Etsy with our AI-generated review response tool.

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