TripAdvisor Reviews: What Every Business Should Know

TripAdvisor Reviews: What Every Business Should Know
Is your business making the most of TripAdvisor reviews? Learn what businesses need to know about leveraging this powerful platform for success.

Having positive reviews on top travel sites like TripAdvisor is essential for any business in the hospitality industry, and it’s equally essential to respond well to those reviews.

It helps to create trust with customers and can help you stand out from competitors.

But navigating the world of TripAdvisor reviews can be tricky!

So, let’s break down everything you need to know about managing your reviews on this platform.

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The first step in getting started with TripAdvisor is claiming your business profile.

When you do this, you get access to a “Business Owner” dashboard where you will be able to monitor and manage all aspects of your profile.

You will also be able to respond directly to customer feedback and review requests, as well as utilize other features like promoting offers or creating new listings.

Creating a Listing for Accommodation

1. Visit TripAdvisor’s business page and click “Register Now” to sign up for a free listing.

2. To add accommodation, click “List an Accommodation”. Choose your answer from the choices given.

TripAdvisor Choose your answer

3. Click “Continue”.

4. Choose your answer from the choices given then enter your role.

TripAdvisor Choose your answer
TripAdvisor Choose your answer

If the answer is no, enter the opening date of your place. Then, you can click “Continue”.

5. Fill out all fields with the accurate information needed to find your place on the map.

TripAdvisor find your place

6. Fill out contact information then click “Continue”

TripAdvisor Contact Information

7. Choose your answer from the choices below that best describes your accommodation.

TripAdvisor accommodation Property Option
TripAdvisor accommodation details
TripAdvisor Detail Page
TripAdvisor Reviews
TripAdvisor Property Option

8. After choosing from all of the choices, click the checkbox to complete the setup.

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Creating a Listing For Things To Do

1. To add a thing to do, click “List a Thing to Do”. Choose your answer from the choices given then click “Continue”.

TripAdvisor Place Page

2. Select from the choices on how TripAdvisor should categorize your place.

TripAdvisor categorize option

3. Choose your answer from the choices given.

TripAdvisor Answer details

4. If the answer is no, enter the opening date of your place. Then, you can click “Continue”.

5. Fill out all information needed to find your place on the map.

TripAdvisor Accommodation Page

6. Fill out Contact Information then click “Continue”.

TripAdvisor Contact Information

7. Choose your answer from the choices below that best describes your accommodation.

TripAdvisor Reviews: What Every Business Should Know

8. Choose currency and price then tick the checkbox.

TripAdvisor Currency and Price details

9. Click “Continue to Viator” to redirect the page.

TripAdvisor Continue to Viator

10. Choose from the choices that best describe your business. Click “Get started” and you’re all set.

TripAdvisor Reviews: What Every Business Should Know

Creating a Listing For Restaurants

1. To add a restaurant, click “List a Restaurant”. Choose your answer from the choices given.

TripAdvisor Attachment Details

2.Fill out all information needed to find your place on the map.

TripAdvisor Information Page

3.Fill out Contact Information then click “Continue”.

TripAdvisor Contact Information

4.Choose category and what type of cuisine you will serve. Also, add the open hours of your restaurant.

TripAdvisor - Add a Restaurant

5.Choose from the choices that best describe your restaurant.

TripAdvisor Category Page
TripAdvisor Category Page

6.After choosing from all of the choices, tick the checkbox then click “Continue”.

TripAdvisor Rentals Continue

Now that your TripAdvisor page is set up properly, you can start engaging with potential customers through feedback and ratings.

Whether it’s a review of a delectable dish or a bland food, encourage satisfied customers to leave feedback so that potential customers can easily see what others think of your restaurant before they visit or book service at it.

In addition to feedback, include images and videos showcasing the atmosphere surrounding your restaurant in order to provide visitors with an accurate representation of what they can expect when they visit.

Make sure these images reflect positively on your business by maintaining cleanliness standards within all aspects of its operations.

Creating a Listing For Vacation Rentals

1. Choose your answer from the choices given. Click “Continue to TripAdvisor Rentals” once set.

Continue to TripAdvisor Rentals

You will then be redirected to TripAdvisor rentals.

2. Fill out all information needed to list your home on TripAdvisor. Once completed, click “Continue” for the next step.

TripAdvisor Rental Information Page

3. Enter your vacation rental location.

TripAdvisor Rentals Location Page

4. Confirm your vacation rental location.

TripAdvisor Confirm your location
5. Fill out all property details.
TripAdvisor Property Details

6. Choose base rate, taxes, and include other fees.

TripAdvisor Rates, Taxes, fees option

7. Enter the booking policies then click “Save and Continue”.

TripAdvisor Booking Policies

8. Upload the photos of your home.

TripAdvisor Add Photo Option

9. Choose your payout settings.

TripAdvisor payout settings

10. Review all the details. Add any missing information to complete details. After completing this section, you can now post it.

TripAdvisor Reviews: What Every Business Should Know

10 customizable response templates generated by AI to help you craft the perfect reply to any TripAdvisor review.

Focusing on your TripAdvisor listing can help attract more customers and take your business to new heights. Here’s how to get started.

Create a profile that pops

When a potential guest checked for you or a similar business on TripAdvisor, one of the first things they will see is your profile page.

It needs to look professional and inviting so that customers can easily learn about what you do and why they should trust your business.

That means creating an appealing logo, using high-quality images, providing detailed descriptions of services offered, having up to date information about your listing and making sure all contact details are correct.

Don’t forget other aspects like website links, social media handles and email addresses either!

Encourage positive review from a happy customer

Reviews are the lifeblood of any successful TripAdvisor listing so make sure you have plenty of them! Make sure to always have a response to TripAdvisor reviews too, it’s equally important!

There are several ways to leverage positive reviews encourage customer feedback such as sending out polite reminders after a customer leaves a visit or transaction with you or setting up an automated review request system after each purchase.

You can even include QR codes at checkout counters or in store windows so that customers can easily find your listing and leave feedback!

Respond swiftly and politely when needed

People are more likely to leave a positive review if they feel heard and appreciated by the business owner or manager.
Respond quickly to negative comments with politeness and professionalism; never respond aggressively or rudely no matter how tempted you may be!

There was a reported TripAdvisor host who was emailed by a guest daily for at least two weeks to check on delayed payments only to be told on the 15th day of a Monday night that he needs to direct his request to the finance department.

Customers appreciate when businesses address their concerns in a timely manner, so don’t let older reviews pile up and hesitate to show them some love by responding promptly – it’ll keep them coming back for more!

Case study: How an AI-powered response strategy helped a business increase their TripAdvisor rating by 1.5 stars

Responding to TripAdvisor Reviews

When it comes to responding to reviews, it’s important to remember that every review is an opportunity.

Whether the feedback is positive or negative, each review presents an opportunity to engage with your guests and show your commitment to providing excellent customer service and demonstrated respect for their time to leave such feedback.

Besides, lesson reinforced: It’s how one deals with handling mistakes that will reveal the character and significance of businesses and people.

Timely responses are key when it comes to managing your TripAdvisor business profile.

When guests take the time to write a review, the least you can do aside from being action oriented to resolve any issues is respond in a timely manner.

This shows that you’re paying attention and that you care about what your guests have to say.

Do not hesitate to still respond to any messages you may have missed a week ago. Since TripAdvisor does not normally remove reviews at the time of a certain date. Apologize for any delays if necessary.

Generic, cookie-cutter responses are a surefire way to turn off potential guests.

When responding to feedback, be sure to personalize your responses and address the guest by name even if you reply using a canned response.

This will show that you’re taking the time to read and understand their feedback.

Some business owners even reply directly to their review posts on their own, not an assistant, not somebody else from the executive team, not an imposter, but by the owners themselves to demonstrate care and personal attention to their customers.

Even if the review is negative, it’s important to maintain a professional tone in your response.

This shows how world class teams handle and take feedback seriously and that you’re committed to resolving any issues that may have arisen during the guest’s stay.

No matter what the review says, be sure you know how to respond to positive reviews (and even negative reviews) by using positive language in your responses.

This will help create a positive impression of your business and will show that you’re committed to providing a great experience for all of your guests.

As with any sort of service, customers may take a positive or negative approach to your story after their first encounter with you. Look out for any customer interaction with TripAdvisor started off somewhat bad then attempt to appease any negative experiences that customers may have had with your business.

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Reporting Guests Blackmail and Handling Fake Reviews

What do you do when guests start threatening to leave bad comments unless they get perks like free upgrades or discounts?

Here’s a few tips on how to handle these tricky situations.

Unfortunately, not all opinions are genuine and sometimes customers decide to take advantage of the platform by sending blackmail threats disguised as poor ratings. So how do you tell the difference between a threat versus an honest complaint?

We recommend telling the difference by looking at the intended outcome of the reviews:

replyToReviewsDoes it feel like something that should be acknowledged and responded to thoughtfully?

replyToReviewsCould it simply be an attempt to stir up trouble?

If you find yourself asking this question again and again as feedback come in, then you should have no problem figuring out whether they’re honest complaints from a horrible experience or not.

Reporting Inappropriate Reviews

Here are the report submission guidelines:

1.Log in to the TripAdvisor Management Center.

2.Select “Manage your reviews”.

3.Click the “Concerned about a review?” link.

4.Choose the “Report Fraud” option in the “Please tell us what the issue is” section.

5.Select the “Report blackmail threat” from the “What do you want to do?” menu.

Handling Fake Reviews and Negative Customer Feedback on TripAdvisor

It’s important not to get into an argument when you receive an unflattering review or even any of the admittedly nasty note from a customer, as this will only make the situation worse.

If the customer is being unreasonable, simply end the conversation and move on.

Sometimes reviewers may leave bad reviews or inappropriate comments or one that doesn’t adhere to TripAdvisor’s submission guidelines.

If you believe it is a fake review, you can flag it for review using TripAdvisor’s tools.

This will notify the TripAdvisor team and they will decide whether or not to remove the review.

In such cases, you can report any inappropriate comments by clicking on the “Report” button next to it. You will then need to select what kind of violation has occurred before sending your report that adheres to submission guidelines for review.

Although not all reports will result in fake comments being removed after a certain date; if the review you reported is deemed to be compliant with guidelines, it will remain published, so it really depends on the severity of the violation and whether it violates any of TripAdvisor’s so called guidelines.

No matter how outrageous the demands from guests are, never remove reviews or respond negatively to their comments on TripAdvisor or any other online review sites.

It is important to remain professional at all times and respond with empathy and understanding keeping in mind that all the customer feedback may remain online forever and may affect your online reputation.

Take ownership of the situation by apologizing for any issues encountered during the guest’s stay and let them know that their feedback has been taken into consideration.

Show them that you are listening and taking action on their input by making changes based on most negative review if appropriate.

This will show potential customers that you value feedback from your customers, have a client centered strategic leadership and are willing to make changes where necessary which will help keep your overall ratings high despite any negative reviews left by blackmailing guests.

It’s easy to get bogged down by negative customer feedback, but it’s important to remember that there are always more positive customer feedback than negative ones.

Focus on providing excellent service to your customers and eventually the positive feedback will outweigh the negative ones.

Keep in mind that at the end of the day, however, it’s not how much more money you got but still how you have an impact that matters.

Ask happy customers if they would be willing to leave a review about their stay and how you delivered a brand or personal promise – this can help balance out any negative comments left by unhappy guests who were trying to extort something from you in return for good ratings.

If possible, reward those customers with discounts or small gifts as an incentive for leaving positive feedback – while showing world class leadership, just make sure not give anything too extravagant so as not to set expectations among other customers!

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Increasing Positive TripAdvisor Reviews

A well-maintained TripAdvisor page with consistently positive reviews will help you to attract more customers, help uplift your entire company culture and stand out from the competition.

With that in mind, here are 5 tips that can be used to increase the number of positive customer feedback on

These tips not only show how to improve customer experience, but also encourage customers to write positive comments about their experiences.

The key is to be active on TripAdvisor.

Respond to both negative and positive reviews, thank them for their feedback, comment on discussions, and provide helpful advice whenever possible.

This will show potential customers that you take customer service seriously and appreciate their input.

Plus, it may even encourage customers to leave more positive reviews in the future!

Think about how you can ask most loyal customers for a review after they’ve had a good experience with your business or product.

You want them to remember the great time they had which enhanced trust for your business and be willing to share it with other potential customers by leaving a glowing review on TripAdvisor.

One way is by sending out follow-up emails asking if they’d like to leave a review or by including a link in an email signature that allows them one-click access to your page on TripAdvisor.

Take full advantage of sponsored content and social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn as a way of driving traffic back to your page on TripAdvisor.

Increasing Positive TripAdvisor Reviews-Leverage-Social-Media
Increase your positive TripAdvisor reviews by leveraging social media. Learn the best strategies and tools to maximize your online presence and boost customer satisfaction.

Post links that direct users back to your page on TripAdvisor so they can leave reviews quickly and easily (and hopefully positively!).

This is also an effective way of getting more eyes on your page and increasing visibility for whatever type of product or service you offer.

Create exclusive discounts or special offers just for people who write reviews on Trip Advisor—this could be anything from 10% off their next purchase or even a free sample if they write a review within 24 hours of their visit/purchase/etc.

Not only does this incentivize people to write more positive reviews about your business but it also encourages repeat customers who may become regular reviewers over time Various prospective customers from which you had zero chance to close any sales.

If you are looking for an even bigger incentive, consider offering rewards programs (either through points systems or cash rewards) for people who write positive reviews about your business or product on TripAdvisor.

This could be anything from discounts off future purchases/services or even gift cards given out every month for the best reviewer of the month!


These five tips should help increase the number of positive TripAdvisor reviews you receive—which will hopefully result in increased visibility (and therefore sales!) for whatever type of product or service you offer.

These are all great ways to increase customer satisfaction & ultimately drive more traffic back to your page on TripAdvisor!

The key ingredient is consistency.

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Using TripAdvisor Online Review Widgets

According to, these are applications built to enhance the overall web experience to make it easier for you and your customers to share your TripAdvisor pages.

Add your latest reviews and awards to your merchandise, encourage customers to interact with each other, and make sure your business’s online reputation is preserved.

TripAdvisor Widgets can be used by individual bloggers, small businesses, large companies, travel websites, destination marketing organizations and more.

Click a particular Widget, then copy and paste the customized code into your website’s HTML. If someone else maintains your website, click Email Code to send the Widget Code to your site administrator.

A number of TripAdvisor widgets are readily available specifically for hotels with TripAdvisor listings, both of which you can click on and automatically incorporate fresh reviews or updated ratings straight into your own site.

Some have merely buttons on them, while others incorporate ratings and reviews. Using the following widgets will encourage customers to leave reviews:

replyToReviews The bravo widget.

 Hotels need to qualify for this in order for you to be able to show this widget. If you can qualify for this, it’s an outstanding method to show good reviews of your establishment without having to show that some negative reviews exist; this widget shows your number of positive evaluations. Look to the widget center to see if you meet the criteria.

replyToReviewsThe review snippets.

This widget displays the most recent reviews, your TripAdvisor ranking, and your traveler rating. If you have mostly positive reviews, this one might be the way to go. If you have a lot of mixed feedback, a few good reviews, try the bravo widget instead.

replyToReviews  The rave reviews widget.

Clicking this widget will provide you with a carousel of the title of your most recent five out of five reviews, and a link to see more. If you are trying to post an excellent review in a world class way but have limited area on your page, this is a good alternative.

replyToReviews  The thumbs up badge.

This widget isn’t available in every property, so be sure to check the submission guidelines and TripAdvisor Widget Center. It is a box that offers tourist information based on the evaluation of TripAdvisor reviewers who recommend your hotel.

replyToReviews  The your rating widget.

This simply displays your traveler rating, a great method for comparing your stay with those of other travelers if you have a good score but that happen to be situated in a big city with many resorts. Remember that your ranking isn’t only controlled by your rating.

Get ahead of the game today and increase your online reviews essential to building trust and loyalty among your customers.

The TripAdvisor Ranking Game: The Secrets of the Algorithm to Boost Your Score

To begin, let’s take a look at how TripAdvisor ranks businesses.

The algorithm takes into account several different factors, including the number of reviews, other properties ranking relative to their content, popularity index and when they were posted.

Additionally, positive reviews are weighted more heavily than negative ones—so if you get a one review that is negative here and there, it won’t necessarily tank your score provided that you have plenty of excellent reviews too.

Finally, businesses that respond quickly and positively to customer feedback will benefit from higher rankings as well.

The more reviews you have (and recently!), the better your score will be.

Tips and Best Practices for Boosting Your Score

Once you understand how TripAdvisor works, it’s time to put it into action! Here are a few tips for boosting your business’s score on the site:

Tip #1: Ask feedback for great experiences to leave reviews on TripAdvisor on all customer touchpoints.

Tip #2: Respond promptly and courteously to all customer feedback—even negative comments from ! This shows potential customers that you care about their experience and value their opinion—plus it can help boost your ranking significantly.

Tip #3: Make sure your content is up-to-date and accurate; inaccurate information can hurt your ranking significantly.

Tip #4: Use keywords strategically in your profile description; this can help attract more people searching for businesses like yours in those particular keywords!

Tip #5: Offer incentives or rewards for customers who leave reviews; this is an effective way to get more people writing about their experiences with your business!

While there is no “magic formula” or one-size-fits-all approach that works best for every business out there, understanding how the algorithm works and using it effectively will help ensure that potential customers see what sets your business apart from its competitors when they search online.

ReplyToReviews is the ultimate way for businesses to connect with their customers and spark meaningful conversations.

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What is ReplyToReviews?

Travel reviews are an invaluable resource for travelers planning their next vacation, providing insight into the quality of accommodations and attractions in a destination.

However, when travelers leave reviews, they often do not receive any response from the businesses they review.

By allowing businesses to respond to reviews that may include sort review management ReplyToReviews provides an opportunity for both business owners and reviewers to benefit from meaningful conversations.

How Does ReplyToReviews Help Travelers Who Write Reviews and Checks Customer Feedback?

In the age of digital reviews, travelers and reviewers alike can feel overwhelmed by the sheer volume of feedback in the market.

However, there is a powerful way for businesses to take control of their reviews and make them work for them.

With ReplyToReviews, businesses, regardless of the industry type, can respond to customer feedback quickly and easily, helping to ensure that potential customers, travelers, and reviewers are getting the most out of their experiences.

How Does ReplyToReviews Help Reviewers?

Reviews are a powerful tool for all types of business industries including hospitality so that travelers can make informed decisions and helping businesses build trust with potential customers.

With the rise of online review websites, it’s become easier than ever to leave public reviews and access them from anywhere.

However, the power of review responses has often been forgotten or overlooked.

ReplyToReviews is a platform that helps bridge the gap between reviewers and customers by providing a fast and efficient response system for business owners.

Benefits of Using ReplyToReviews for Businesses to Handle Fake Reviews

No matter how hard businesses try, it can be difficult to please everyone. Online reviews have become one of the primary tools for customers to express their opinions and experiences with a product or service.

This has revolutionized customer service, as businesses now need to focus on the satisfaction of their customers in order to maintain their reputation and succeed.

However, businesses can take it a step further by responding to reviews in an appropriate manner.

Reviews can help customers make informed decisions about their upcoming trips and can also help businesses make necessary improvements to their services.

But what happens when a customer leaves a negative review? How should a business respond?

ReplyToReviews is an innovative platform that allows companies to engage with their customers and create meaningful conversations by responding to reviews.

ReplyToReviews is a revolutionary way for companies to communicate with their customers and make every review count.

Final Thoughts on the Advantages of Responding to TripAdvisor Reviews

As the popularity of online reviews continues to skyrocket, it’s important for businesses in the travel and hospitality industry to stay on top of their reviews and understand how to properly respond.

Reviews are a powerful tool that can help or hurt a business, depending on how well they manage them.

That’s why ReplyToReviews has developed a simple yet powerful tool that helps any business industry including hospitality to benefit both travelers and reviewers alike.

As a traveler or reviewer, it’s important to make your voice heard.

Responding to reviews of travel destinations – be it in the least relaxed manner like in South Dakota or near the top destinations like in Florida, San Francisco, California taken from a retirement job, can help spread the word about great experiences and alert others to potential pitfalls.

The power of review responses lies in their ability to influence travelers and reviewers alike.


In today’s digital age, customers want to be heard and respected. Online reviews are a powerful tool for customers to provide feedback and share their experiences.

This is especially true in the travel industry, where potential customers rely heavily on reviews to make decisions about which hotels, restaurants, and attractions they should visit.

However, as helpful as these reviews can be, they are not always responded to in a timely manner.

The review platform that ReplyToReviews has created gives any industry including hotels, restaurants, and attractions the opportunity to be personally engaged by acknowledging and responding to customer feedback.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I see reviews?

By providing an avenue for productive dialogue, ReplyToReviews has made it easy to listen – and respond – wherever feedback appears online.

Learn how to view reviews and respond to them, quickly and easily. Get the personalized review responses you need with ReplyToReviews!

A glance to the left shows your TripAdvisor reviews. Click the link to the page and click “Contribute”. This page is available on our reviews page.

Are TripAdvisor reviews posted immediately?

Understand the importance of promptly replying to TripAdvisor reviews, and find out if your reviews are posted immediately.

Review pages can be published instantly on TripAdvisor. The evaluation is then performed by the automated system and then the automated system checks the review.

If the review doesn’t comply with the review guidelines then the evaluation is checked by an individual.

Is TripAdvisor com reliable?

Find out why replying to TripAdvisor reviews is important for your business. Learn how to make sure you're using a reliable source for reviews and advice on improving customer satisfaction.

Is TripAdvisor trustworthy? TripAdvisor has been in business for several years and is equally trustworthy when comparing accommodation and cost.

The firm is actually the biggest travel – eCommerce business on the planet.

How do I contact TripAdvisor directly?

Stay on top of your TripAdvisor reviews by learning the best ways to contact TripAdvisor directly. Plus, discover why responding to reviews is so important for your business success.

Located at 4000 First Avenue, Needham, Massachusetts 02494 business location, TripAdvisors phone number is 771-600-4400.

ReplyToReviews provides an invaluable service to companies, enabling them to ensure that their customer voices are valued and heard with real-time responses across all sectors of industry types.

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