Should You Delete Unwanted Facebook Reviews? The Answer May Surprise You!

Unwanted Facebook Reviews
If you're wondering whether or not to delete unwanted Facebook reviews, our guide will help you make the right decision. We cover the pros and cons of deleting reviews, as well as how to protect your business from future negative reviews.

It’s a tale as old as time—a disgruntled customer leaves a negative review on your Facebook business page.

When this happens, you may feel tempted to leave the bad review alone and hope it’ll just go away.

But here’s the thing—just like that pesky stain in the corner of your living room, it doesn’t matter how much you ignore it, it’s not going anywhere.

So, what are some of the reasons for deleting unwanted Facebook reviews? Let’s take a look.

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negative review can be damaging to your brand reputation, but deleting your Facebook reviews could do even more harm.

According to some digital marketing experts and research conducted by BrightLocal, 84% of customers don’t trust businesses with no reviews or poor ratings.

While deleting the Facebook reviews gets rid of the immediate problem—the bad review—it also erases any potential benefit that may come from having a few negative reviews mixed in with positive feedback.

A few bad reviews can actually make your overall rating look better because customers will see that you have nothing to hide.

Facebook has strict rules around user-generated content and actively monitors for suspicious activity.

If they see that you’ve deleted several Facebook reviews—especially if they were all negative—they may flag your account for further review deleted investigation, report recommendation, and possible suspension or termination depending on the severity of the issue.

Sure, it might be tempting to delete the review and pretend it never happened. But before you hit delete, there are a few things to consider first.

Deleting Facebook Reviews?
If you're deleting Facebook reviews, you're not alone. Here at ReplyToReviews, we understand the reasons why people might want to remove their reviews from this platform.

Public opinion affects local businesses’ success. 95% of people read online reviews on top review websites and looks out for the positive feedback before trusting any company’s services.

The fact that consumers spend about 31% more on a company with good reviews shows how much each individual Facebook reviews impact the informed purchase decision.

Facebook reviews can be an incredibly valuable asset for small businesses, as they can help build trust and credibility in their brand.

In addition, reviews can help small businesses compete with larger competitors. According to research from Harvard Business School, reviews can result in a 5-9% increase in sales for businesses that have more than 50 reviews on the platform.

This can be especially beneficial for small businesses who may not otherwise have access to the same resources as larger competitors.

Furthermore, Facebook reviews can also be used as a powerful marketing tool.

As great reviews are shared among friends and family members, they can spread quickly across social media platforms and create organic promotion of the business.

This type of free advertising is invaluable for small businesses who often lack any form of marketing budget.

Facebook reviews
A recent study found that 88% of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations. Are you making the most of your Facebook reviews?

While it is possible to delete negative reviews on Facebook to improve your social media presence, it is typically best practice to take advantage of negative feedback as well.

Acknowledging criticisms can show potential customers that you take customer satisfaction seriously and are open to making improvements where needed – something that many people appreciate about smaller companies that are willing to go out of their way for customers’ experience.

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5-star Facebook Reviews
Are you deleting your Facebook reviews? If so, you're making a big mistake. Learn how to respond to customer feedback in this comprehensive guide from ReplyToReviews.

Are you a business owner struggling with how to properly respond to customer reviews on social media especially on your Facebook business page?

Do you feel overwhelmed when it comes to addressing negative Facebook  reviews which either do not comply with Facebook’s Community Standards or don’t focus on your products and services? If so, then this guide is for you!

In this blog, you’ll find support as we provide an in-depth look into the importance of proactively engaging with customers online, especially through their negative reviews on your business’s Facebook page.

We’ll discuss why deleting these reviews should be avoided, and instead focus on responding with meaningful and thoughtful replies that may eventually help you get more positive reviews.

5-star review
Do you know how to respond to reviews on your Facebook page and other websites? If not, you're missing out on a great opportunity to build trust and respect with your customers.

In this article, you will learn…

By the end of this blog, you should have a better understanding of how to handle any negative review along with fake Facebook reviews on your business page intelligently and gracefully. So let’s get started!

Unwanted Facebook Review
Unsure if deleting your Facebook reviews will help or hurt your business?

Have you ever received a negative review on your Facebook business page?

We’ve all been there! Hiding it from your Facebook news feed or deleting the 1-star ratings from the “Edit Page” may seem easier than responding to it.

Having to respond to bad Facebook reviews can be a stressful experience.

But, no matter how much it may sting, deleting the review is NEVER an option.

To be extra clear: While deleting reviews may not be a guaranteed method for having a review removed. Disabling reviews does not remove the reviews posted by the users. It only hides that section.

Instead, take this as an opportunity to show off your customer service skills by engaging with the customer and resolving their issue. Here’s how you can do it.

Facebook Review
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When responding to a customer’s negative comment, always make sure your response is personalized.

Acknowledge the person’s name in your response and express that you are sorry for their dissatisfaction with your product or service.

This will show that you are listening and committed to providing them with a better experience in the future.

Make sure to provide a viable solution for their problem or concern. If they have an issue with one of your products or services, offer them alternatives that could potentially solve the problem.

Showing that you care about their needs shows that you value their opinion and makes them more likely to give you another chance in the future.

Facebook - Poor Review
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Once you have provided a solution, follow up with the customer and make sure they are satisfied with the outcome of your conversation.

Ask if there is anything else they need from you or if there is anything else they would like to discuss regarding their experience.

This will show that you care about how they feel about your business and gives them peace of mind knowing their concerns were heard and addressed properly and even give you a chance to ask them to leave great reviews in the future.

While it’s tempting to just delete any negative online reviews, it’s important to think twice before hitting that button!

Instead of choosing to remove Facebook reviews, try responding politely and professionally to the customer and then work with them directly (with conversation offline) to resolve their issues or concerns as quickly as possible.

This shows other customers that you’re willing to go above and beyond for your customers and helps create loyal followers who will leave positive reviews or even 5-star reviews in the future!

Tips for responding effectively on negative Facebook reviews

DON’T: Take it personally.

The first thing to remember when you see any hate speech or any negative comments is that it’s not personal.
Just because someone didn’t like your product or service doesn’t mean they don’t like you as a person.
Try to keep that in mind when responding to any feedback including false reviews.

DO: Respond to the negative review. It’s important to respond to any bad Facebook review which either does not comply with Facebook’s Community Standards or doesn’t focus on your products and services, even if you don’t think there’s anything you can do to change the person’s mind to turn it into a positive review. A simple acknowledgement of their experience can go a long way in dealing with an authentic negative review.
DON’T: Get defensive. When responding to any hate speech or any negative comments, it’s important not to get defensive. That is never a good way to handle negative reviews. This will only make the situation worse for any local business. Instead, try to be understanding and sympathetic to the person’s experience.
DO: Offer a solution. If there’s something you can do to fix the problem, be sure to offer a solution in your response to a one-star rating. This shows that you’re helping them find support and willing to go the extra mile to make things right.


When faced with a negative Facebook review, take a deep breath and don’t hit delete!

Instead of choosing to remove Facebook reviews, try responding professionally and resolving any issues of bad reviews offline is often the best way forward and will help strengthen your reputation and help you get more reviews and efficiently manage Facebook reviews in the long run.

After all, no business is perfect—and having some bad reviews from real customers can help make yours even better!

Fake reviews are a growing problem for businesses on Facebook.

Not only can they damage your online reputation, but they can also be time-consuming and difficult to deal with.

As a business owner, it’s important to have a strategy in place not only to get more reviews but also to identify and address the fake ones quickly and efficiently.

Let’s look at how you can handle any bad Facebook review.

Fake Facebook Reviews
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The first step in dealing with online reviews that are either counterfeit or spam reviews is to be able to spot them. Let’s go over three simple methods to identify them:

The first thing you should do when trying to identify a fake Facebook review is to check the date (usually on the left hand menu).

If the review is from several years ago, it’s likely not real and may be considered a spam review.

This is because businesses change over time, and a review that is outdated is not likely to be accurate.

Another way to identify a fake review is to check the language.

If the review is written in poor English, or if it seems to be written by someone who is not a native English speaker, it’s likely not real.

This is because businesses usually only allow reviews from people who are fluent in their language.

Another way to identify a fake review is to check the profile of the person who wrote it.

If the person has no other activity on their profile, or if their profile picture is not of a real person, it’s likely that the review is written using fake accounts and is not genuine.

Fake online reviews usually stand out from legitimate ones because of their highly positive or negative nature, as well as their lack of detail or relevance. They may also contain language that is inappropriate for the platform, such as profanity or offensive terms.

If you notice any of these signs, it’s best to address the issue immediately.

Once you’ve identified a fake review, here are several steps you can take to address it:

  1. Contact the person who posted the review directly and ask them to remove it or edit it if necessary.

  2. If contacting the person doesn’t work, then you can find support or report reviews to the Facebook’s team using Facebook’s reporting system that you may find with on screen instructions.

  3. Another option is to flag and report fake Facebook reviews or anything which either do not comply with Facebook’s Community Standards or don’t focus on your products and services? If you’re certain that the review is fake and if you don’t want to disable reviews, you can flag it for removal by Facebook. To do this, simply click on the “flag” icon next to the reviews tab and select “This is inappropriate.” Facebook’s team will then see it from the reviews tab and determine whether or not it should be removed from your Facebook page.


Fake reviews can be incredibly damaging for businesses on social media platforms like Facebook, but with a little bit of effort and some proactive monitoring, it is possible to find support or report reviews to them to keep them under control.

By knowing how to spot a fake review and how best handle negative Facebook reviews when they appear, you’ll be able ensure that your online reputation remains intact and your customers remain happy with your products and services.

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Pros of Deleting Unwanted Facebook Reviews:

replyToReviews Deleting an unwanted Facebook review can help protect a company’s reputation by keeping negative or untrue reviews from being prominently displayed.
replyToReviews Deleting an unwanted Facebook review can maintain customer loyalty by allowing customers to review businesses in a positive light.
replyToReviews Deleting an unwanted Facebook review can prevent malicious actors from posting false information about a company on its Facebook page.
replyToReviews Deleting an unwanted review on Facebook keeps the company’s Facebook page clear, organized and easy to find relevant information quickly.
replyToReviews Deleting an unwanted review on Facebook allows businesses to maintain control over what is posted on their Facebook page, ensuring only accurate and appropriate information is seen by potential customers.

Cons of Deleting Unwanted Facebook Reviews:

replyToReviews Once you remove reviews from Facebook, it could be seen as censorship and could potentially damage the credibility of a business in the eyes of potential customers who may think they are hiding something.
replyToReviews Once you remove reviews from Facebook, it could be viewed as unfair, especially if the review was genuine criticism that could have been used to improve customer service or product.

Never delete Facebook reviews from customers on your business’ Facebook page!

Negative feedback can provide valuable insights into your overall online reputation and what people think about your product or service and should be seen as an opportunity for growth rather than a reason for panic.

Responding professionally and personally shows customers that you value their opinion and strive to provide them with excellent customer service at all times—and this will pay off in spades when it comes time for positive reviews!

So don’t let those negative reviews get you down—engage with customers instead! It’s not only more effective but also less stressful—trust us!

Facebook Reviews
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